There are many ways to get involved at SGCC:

Audio Ministry

Our Audio Ministry ensures our recordings of CD/DVD are of the highest quality and sound. The audio team has the responsibility of recording, videotaping, editing, dubbing and distributing all of SGCC’s audio resources.




SGCC Praise Team

Raise a joyful noise to the Lord and join the SGCC Praise Team.  We are always looking for singers and other musicians.





Benevolence Ministry

Our Benevolence Ministry reaches out to assist those who encounter unforeseen disruption in their financial flow. There are prerequisites that must be met to qualify for this assistance given the fact SGCC must give account of how we steward God’s money. An application must be requested, filled out correctly, submitted to the finance department and upon review, the application will be approved or disapproved with a full explanation.


Dance Ministry

Our Dance Ministry enhances the worship experience through their dance interpretation, using liturgical, and expressive dance moves, creating an atmosphere of praise and worship.





In-Reach Ministry

Our in-reach ministry caters to those who have newly joined our church. With all of the outreach that is taking place here, there’s a real need to ensure that in-reach is not neglected. This particular ministry ensures that the new members have a “point of contact” throughout the week and therefore is able to “stay connected” to the church when the doors are not open. This ministry reaches out to our precious newcomers through fellowship on many different levels, (i.e. phone calls, home visits, sports, movies, dinner, shopping, and etc.)



Men’s Ministry

Our Men’s Ministry has changed many lives in the short period of its existence. This ministry has drawn men from all ethinicities and different walks of life who longed for a “man” to speak into the “man” in them. This ministry is headed by our very own pastor, Apostle Terrance Cheatham along with Bro Enrique Silva. With a passion for men to “realign” themselves back into their rightful place of “headship”, Apostle Cheatham ministers to the core of men’s souls unapologetically from a biblical standpoint that surgically removes the blinders from men’s eyes that have caused them to be unable to see “Who’s” image they were created in. Our Men’s Ministry strives to address the needs of the “whole man” (body, soul, and spirit) through men’s classes as well as monthly gatherings that allow men to connect through various recreational activities.  For more info please contact Bro Silva at



New Conversion Ministry

This is an exciting and educating ministry that teaches the basic fundamental doctrines of Christianity to those who have recently experienced salvation. These classes give the new convert a solid biblical foundation to build their faith, walk and relationship with God on. It is an intimate atmosphere that allows for questions and comments that the attendees may have. In these classes the new converts are introduced to the different auxiliaries, ministries and helps that are available to them at SGCC.



Parking Ministry

Our Parking Ministry is identified by their red T-shirts. They have the responsibility of making sure our visitors and parishioners get in and get out safe in a timely manner. The Parking Ministry also assists single-parents with getting their children and bags settled into church so they can be less distracted and better prepared for service. Last but not least, the parking team ensures that any visitor or parishioner coming to SGCC with a physical disability is assigned a parking space closest to our facility.



Women’s Ministry

Our Women’s Ministry is a ministry headed by our very own Lady Erica Cheatham along with Sister Nicole Silva. Through her own personal setbacks in life, our 1st Lady has carefully packaged each experience in a container of wisdom which she shares and imparts to other women and the sisters at SGCC. Through her many trials and triumphs she is able to reach the lowest sinner and highest saint. What makes this women’s ministry so unique is the teacher can be touched. There’s no pretentious style of teaching that leaves the student feeling as if they can never arrive; it’s just simple biblical teaching coupled with life’s experience that encourage the student to know: ” I’ve been where you are, lived, through it, and you can too “. Through these classes, our 1st Lady lifts sister’s minds to the place they desire to stand beside their husbands and fulfill their assignment to their marriage. Our Women’s Ministry is held on the 4th Sunday of every month (parallel) to our Men’s Ministry. For more info please contact Sis Silva at



The Power Of Two Marriage Ministry

SGCC’s marriage ministry is designed to aid in the developmental process that causes growth and unity within the marriage as “two” strive to become “one”. Apostle and Lady Cheatham have been graced with the wisdom of God to teach transparently from their own successes and failures how to recover and present your marriage as a pure demonstration of how Christ deals with His Church.  (Q&A session held immediately after)

Marriage Enrichment classes are held every 4th Sunday @ 10:00am.


Grace Kidz

kids standing happily in front of a churchWe understand the importance of teaching children biblical principles early in a way that is both fun and educational. We offer a safe, loving and caring setting for children ages 2-10 to learn about their Lord and Savior at their own level and pace. Our Grace Kidz children’s church runs parallel to our morning services and is headed by Ms. Paula Brown who has over 10 years of experience ministering to the youth.