“What Denomination is SGCC?”

We are a Nondenominational church that places the total emphasis on teaching the Word of God without ANY Denominational persuasion.

“What should I wear?”

Casual. At SGCC we are not as interested in what you have on as we are in meeting your real needs.  Our pastor rarely ever wears suits, but if that is your garment of choice you will be fine.  You’ll fit right in by wearing what you like to wear on a night out with friends.

“Will I be judged for any particular reason?”

NO.  We don’t like to be judged either, so we won’t judge you.  Wherever you are in your life’s experience, you are welcome to know the love of Jesus at SGCC.

“Will I be made to feel awkward?”

We take no pleasure in making people feel uncomfortable.  We do not force worship or participation in any way.  Financial giving is elective, singing is elective—even the snacks are elective (even though some find it irresistible!).

“Will I be able to speak with the pastor?”

Absolutely.  Our pastor and his lovely wife are “touchable” and would be more than happy, in fact honored, to meet and speak with you immediately after service.

“What are your primary bedrock principals?”