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Apostle Terrance Cheatham

Apostle T. Cheatham is a man after God’s own heart, who is known by many as a leader of leaders, author, visionary, and one who walks in impeccable integrity. He serves as Founder and Sr. Pastor/Teacher of SGCC.

Raised up in Edgefield, SC by his grandmother, the late Mrs. Orlena Allen until the tender age of 7 years old, he then moved to Fayetteville, NC where he joined his mother and stepfather who served in the US Armed Forces. Upon arrival, Apostle proceeded to move around the world with his military parents before settling down in Atlanta, Ga where he completed his high school years and would later join the US Army and continue to travel the world.

In 2000, Apostle Cheatham gave his life completely to Christ and quickly became a servant of the Lord, serving as Head Deacon for 2 years, leading auxiliaries, outreach programs, teaching bible studies and Sunday School Classes, Armor Bearer, and later being elevated to Assistant Pastor. Within 2 years Apostle Cheatham was called to the ministry and ordained by Bishop Dexster Speller (House Of Faith Church Of Nations International). As a result of his humble submission to the guidance and mentorship of Bishop Speller and 1st Lady Speller, God raised him up to take on his first Pastorate at the age of 28 at House of Faith Apostolic Church. He pastored this work for 3 years, and while yet in the midst of his House of Faith assignment, God spoke concerning Abiding Word Tabernacle. Upon completion of Apostle Cheatham’s first assignment, he accepted the call from one thing, and humbly embraced the transition into the next thing!

Seeing different parts of the world and its many diverse cultures at such an early age granted our Apostle the ability to comfortably and effectively communicate with all people from all types of backgrounds. Blessed with a bold and uncompromising yet relevant delivery, Apostle Cheatham fervently elucidates the Word of God by his utter dependence on the Lord, a passion for souls, and his determination to hold fast to integrity. Some would describe his ministry as “putting you in the text, until the text gets in you.” The refined, unmasked and unpretentious teaching style of Apostle Cheatham can and will change your life.

As a result of AC’s obedience, God has been able to not only “use”, but more importantly, “trust” this servant of God to Pastor internationally and domestically 3 churches; 2 of which he and his lovely wife co-founded. That being AWT of Glennville, Ga and SGCC in Avondale, AZ, where Apostle Cheatham currently serves as Sr. Pastor.

As one who always strives to grow and develop not only as servant, but also as a person, Apostle Cheatham is currently pursuing his MDiv at Golden Gate Theological Seminary located in Scottsdale, AZ.



Lady Erica L. Cheatham

Lady Erica L. Cheatham is the co-founder of Sufficient Grace Christian Center. This awesome woman of God was born and raised in Arlington, Georgia on July 8, 1976. Being raised in a single-parent home, she learned early in life not to allow unfair circumstances to determine her future. She humbly accepted the hand she was dealt and decided to take that same hand and win with it! Against the odds, Lady Cheatham went on to attend Lurleen B. Wallace Jr. College for 2 years where she maintained a 3.0 GPA and obtained her Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. She is currently a few credit hours short of obtaining her Bachelor’s in Business Administration (minoring in Management).

In retrospect, she understands that God was preparing her then for her current roles now at SGCC. In 1996, a shift would soon come within her college years where God would redirect her life and call her into the Armed Forces (US Army). After retiring with 20 years of military service and extensive travel abroad (Korea, Honduras, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, Doha, Russia, and Germany) Lady Cheatham has had the opportunity to experience a vast array of different cultures that enable her ministry to reach beyond cultural boundaries. The ministry of Lady Cheatham is intentional ministry that reaches out of her own experiences into the scars of others that provide the healing that can only come from an “I have been there” kind of annointing. Having lived in every capacity that a woman can, whether it be single and waiting, to that of a single parent, or a wife of a called man in ministry; Lady C feels her primary gifting is to that of women who have allowed life to lie to them.

In 2004 on the 8th of July (while in Germany), Lady Cheatham wed Terrance Cheatham, Senior Pastor and Founder of Sufficient Grace Chrisitan Center. They now have three children – Jalen, Gerniah, and Noah. Lady Cheatham is a highly devoted wife and mother, and is committed to the vision of the ministry where she assists her husband with a variety of duties to ensure that his God-given mandate is carried out.

In the words of Lady Cheatham,