Moves of the Holy Spirit

(Heb 1:1-2, 1Corin 2:7-14, St. John 15: 16)

jesus_the_shepherd011When Jesus Christ was born into the earth to fulfill His earthly ministry, He often revealed Himself to His disciples in different forms. Many times the disciples were either afraid or even doubtful of these visitations because they were not yet mature enough to see Him and then accept Him “moving” at certain levels of demonstration. I’m sure the disciples would have grown satisfied or perhaps even comfortable with having Jesus simply teach from the boat, The Mount of Olives or continue to heal a few sick people here and there but staying in the same spot and doing the same thing was not part of our Master’s assignment! In fact, if you search the scriptures you’ll never find our Lord demonstrating one miracle the same way twice! Jesus maximized the use of His time introducing His disciples to “new truths” and “new methods” that were outside the system of their comfort zones. Yes indeed, our Saviour “moved in the Spirit”, never doing the same thing, the same way, at the same time all the time. As human beings, we rarely celebrate “moving” of any sort because “moving” takes a lot out of you. I’m trusting you caught that. “Moving” takes “things” out of you so you’ll able to receive at the next location. Those that are an enemy to “movement”become stuck.

Even Pastors can become stuck in a place that God is finished with and not even realize it. What they’re doing will have all the signs that it’s still working and God is still in it but the convincing evidence that God has dismissed Himself from it is there’s no “fruit”that remains. You may say, “Pastor Cheatham, my church has fruit and we have plenty of members.”When I say “fruit” I’m not referring to people, I’m referring to the “stuff” that takes place in our church services that we try and make God co-sign. When the worship service is over, the “people” we’re so proud to call “members”are in need of last weeks touch again this week. When a “move of the Holy Spirit”is authentic, you will not need the same touch twice because the first touch accomplished what it was sent to do!

A moving of the Spirit has to be more than a “shout”on Sunday morning, a “sparatic jerk”in worship service and “tongues”without an interpretation. Many good Christians are doing all the above but finishing empty. No “fruit” remains, so many Christians find themselves desperately rushing to church each week looking for a recycled anointing similar to “last weeks” experience. Let’s be honest pastors, you already know who’s going to shout first, fall out or dance like David danced before it ever happens. In fact, in some cases, if it doesn’t happen like it happened last time, many feel as though they haven’t had church. The time has come where the believer must transcend the common satisfaction of a “breakthrough”, for the time has come to “breakout”. Breakout of your systematic worship routine. Breakout of your experiencing God the same way every service. Breakout of doing stuff in public that you can’t make happen in private.

We are in an hour where we have to allow the Holy Spirit to take us into the deeper reservoirs of God. Not deep as in “words” and “oratory skills” but the place of revelation that can only be revealed by His Spirit. When I speak of “deep”, I’m referring to “intimate” relationship with God that gives birth to “intimate” correspondence from God (Psalm 42:7). When Holy Spirit takes you into the “deep places” of God, pure fellowship happens between Spirit and spirit, and out of that union purposes and passions are born. You see, God by His own Spirit wants to bring us beyond the veil of natural understanding and human reasoning, and into His “secret place” of the impossible made possible! You must understand my dear friend, when Christ died; the veil of the temple was torn in two so we could have access (Matt 27:51)!

Jesus said “I will build my church upon this rock” and the rock He was referring to was not just “the man Peter”, but rather the revelation Peter had! Could Jesus have been giving us a picture of what the future church was going to look like? Many would walk with God but very few would actually have a revelation from God. My friend, we’re living in a day where most ministers are only willing to go as far as they’ve seen the next minister go so as a result, there has been an infestation of “clones” in the Body of Christ. Everybody looks the same, talks the same, acts the same and describes a “high service” the same. Yes, doctrinally we should be the same, but we should not all have the same experience due to the fact God is a multi-faceted God. Living outside of revelation will cause you to define “deep” by what and how “people” react rather than “where” you’ve been with God. Notice I said “where” you’ve been with God, because ultimately “where” the individual has been is “what” the individual will be. I have a question for you. Will you “move with the Holy Spirit” to get to “where” you need to be?